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WHF Bulk Tomatoes

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WHF Bulk Tomatoes

$ 67.25
Mixed Varieties of our "Seconds" will be available at the bulk price of $2.50/lb with a minimum order of 25lbs!   These maters have so much flavor!  Our "seconds" are absolutely delicious but may have cracks or slight "imperfections."  Awesome for sauce, salsa, ketchup, chutney or simply freezing them whole and popping them into your meals throughout the winter etc.  For canning we leave the skins on and blend up the tomatoes before processing/cooking down!  
Classic Roma Sauce Tomatoes will be available at the bulk price of $3.25/lb with a minimum order of 20lbs.  These are the tomatoes that the pros use when processing for winter storage.  They have less moisture than most tomatoes (as well as less seeds) so they reduce quickly making canning a snap.  Sauce and salsas made with these tomatoes are out of this world.  Also, great for freezing whole for use later! 
Quick tip:  Remember.. for the average quart of sauce it takes 3-7lbs of tomatoes so plan accordingly! 
To Order:
- How? Send us your order, pick up day/time via email.  Pick up works best for your famers on Thursday- Sunday after 10am.  (We will not have orders available on CSA pick up days).  Depending on availability, we will confirm pick up day, total cost, etc.  (Remember to keep a close eye on our minimum orders.)   

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